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A humble project to raise money for Compassion International.


EdgarRawWithChild (12K) Edgar Raw is a Chicago based musician. A follower of Jesus Christ. A Father of 3. A husband of one. Once lost. Now found.

This music is dedicated to the great work that Compassion International does.

For the religion that God the Father loves is the caring of the poor, the widow and the orphan (James 1:27).
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For the music geek in you...

All the tracks were recorded via an American made Fender - steel strings, a schecter Diamond Series bass, a Samson GTrack USB Mic and recorded digitally via Audacity open source software. Audacity was used to clean up some background noise and to add some magic to the "Blue and Drooling Improv" -- though the album remains - RAW - as it were... capturing the essence of hearing a guitar performance - live.

The Fine Print

NOTE: The proceeds will be determined after sales and the fees for CDBaby.com hosting the music and putting it in iTunes, Amazon and other sites. Every little penny counts and ALL proceeds made as a profit will be sent to Compassion.


In closing, this is a work-in-progress. Stay tuned!